Positive and Negative Impacts of Technology on Education

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Technology, as we all know has its "pros and cons" and has both positive and negative impacts on our education today. Technology today has made the learning process not only simple but also enjoyable, though, it has also caused a huge decline in critical thinking as people now rely fully on technology to get everything done. With that been said, I will be listing out the positive and negative impacts of technology on our today's education.

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Positive impacts of technology

1. Collaboration: This is perhaps one of the most important roles of technology on our today's education because not only does it connect students through discussion and collaboration tools, it also helps those who might have never considered, or have the opportunity, to communicate or help each other offline. Example of an online collaboration tool is My College Hive

2. Distance learning and degree acquisition: With technology, students who choose not to go to the university can still study for their university degree through online tools like RDI's online campus – ilearn

3. Improves learning within a classroom: Technology helps to improve the learning condition within a classroom by giving students more active roles rather than passive, boosting confidence, exposing students to more technical skills, completing complex tasks and cooperation.

4. Encourages students to learn new skills: Research shows that people with "special" skills like communication, leadership, marketing, teamwork,...  are more employable and are more likely to succeed in their career than those without any, and technology serves as the building block in acquiring these skills.

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5. Technology helps to strengthen teacher-student relationship

6. Technology has unlocked a faster, more efficient and secure means for schools to pass sensitive information and communicate directly with their students. 

7. Technology has provided a more organized way for schools to manage student's data

Negative impacts of technology

1. Technology Overuse can eventually lead to a decline in critical thinking, lower confidence, lack of cooperation,...

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2. Technology exposes vulnerable students to cyber-bullying.

3. Technology has increased the rate of plagiarism and cheating.

4. Although technology provides a more organized and secure way of handling student's data as well as communicating with them, that doesn't mean they are entirely secure/protected from getting hacked. Imagine a hacker getting access to a school's system and collecting the data of 1000 students, not only will their personal information (like their home address) be leaked, the lives of those students might also be at risk.

5. Technology exposes young students to sexting, cybercrime, nudity and pornography.

6. Wrong use of technology can eventually lead to lower grades.

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